Yesterday, I received an email I had hoped I would never receive.  It was my number one fear followed by bullying as I sent Cole to Kindergarten this year.  Not because I thought the school he was going to was shady or the town we live in was known for scary things happening.  It is quite the opposite.  I LOVE Cole's school, staff, teachers and friends.  The people I have met are amazing.  My town is amazing!  It's a VERY family oriented place and I know I am supposed to raise my kids here. My fear was about that one random person, not from my town, who was mad and/or crazy.  After watching all the footage when Sandy Hook happened, I just could not believe it, was sick to my stomach and was so thankful I had never experienced anything remotely close and prayed I never would.  

Although they locked down Cole's school for precautionary reasons and there was not a direct and immediate threat at the school, I was still nervous and became nauseous as I read the dreaded "Our School is Currently on Lock Down"  email.  I received the email about 30 minutes before I would normally leave my house to pick him up.  The waiting for the "All Clear" email was awful.  I didn't know if they were in the bathroom or closet with the lights off and were being silent like they practiced in drills or if because it was a precaution, maybe they were just not allowed out of their classrooms, but were reading books or coloring or something.  The lock down lasted for almost an hour before we were told we could come to the school and pick up our kids.  I have never been so excited to see him after school!  I asked him how his day was just like always and his response was, "We did gym, art, lunch, math problems and watched a movie with another class while we were on lock down."  I asked him if he was scared and he said no.  I asked what they had to do and he said they had to turn off the lights, mute the movie and be still and quiet. Thankfully he had no reason why they were on lock down and didn't seemed phased. I am so thankful it wasn't a more serious incident and pray for the parents in the world who were not as fortunate as us.
Look at my baby!  He is getting SO BIG and handsome!

Click here to read about the man that caused all the madness yesterday.  So glad he is behind bars!

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