My poor little blog.  It always seems to be neglected this time of year because, well, there just is not much going on.  The holidays are over, soccer and baseball for Cole hasn't started yet and we are getting back into a routine after Christmas break.  We did have SOME fun so here is a quick re-cap:

We had an unseasonably warm weekend so we worked on riding bikes and playing outside with our cousins!

 Campbell sported her first ponytail to dance.
 We entertain ourselves while waiting in the carpool line.
 Campbell fell asleep on me for the first time in FOR.EV.ER.
 We picked Cole up from school one Friday and headed straight to the movies.
 We spent the day at the mall with cousins!
 We had a mouse in the garage.....and we caught him.  He wasn't small.
 We took these sweet puppies in for the day.  They were lost and it was freezing outside but we found their owner.  Cole and Campbell were smitten.  If we couldn't find their owner we would have had two more dogs at our house.
 Just my sweet girl.  She is looking less and less like a baby and more like a big girl.

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