Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day/week was so much fun this year!  I made Valentine's a two week "event" around here.  Every day from the 1st to the 14th I gave the kids and RT a little something in their Valentine mailboxes.  Just a little sussie to say "I love you".  I also decorated the kids' doors with 14 reasons why I loved them.  On Valentine's Day the kiddos gave me homemade cards and Cole gave me a stuffed tiger with Reese's Peanut Butter cups because he knew it was my favorite candy while Campbell gave a a red and pink felt bird she picked out all by herself.  RT gave me roses and we celebrated as a family by eating BBQ at Rudy's for dinner and then we saw the Lego movie.  RT and I shared a romantic chocolate covered strawberries while sitting on the couch watching Octonauts with the kids.  It was a perfect day!
 Our Valentine's in a nutshell
 Campbell could not wait to go to school and have her Valentine party with her friends!
 Valentine sussies for the kids.

 Valentine sussies for RT.  He was gone for most of the two weeks before Valentine's day so I snuck some of his sussies in his suitcase before each of the three trips he went on.

 Cole gave his teacher a box of chocolates and a card and gave all his friends bouncy balls.

 And Campbell gave her friends heart bouncy balls that light up.
 After school on Friday, Cole took a gift to his crush Leighton.  She lives in our neighborhood and they go to school together.  She gave him a Valentine too and it was just about the cutest thing ever!
 When we got home the kids went through their Valentines and had so much fun seeing what their friends put in their box/bag.  Cole loved the robot box we made together and Campbell was so proud of the bag she made at school!

I will be honest.  I have never been a huge Valentine's day person.  I would rather RT send me flowers randomly for no reason than to get them on Valentine's Day but the kids make it so much more fun! I loved celebrating as a family this year!

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