First Day of Kindergarten

Cole's first day of kindergarten was a HUGE success.  He woke up to a special first day of school breakfast.  Got his teeth brushed, got dressed and even had time for pictures before we left for school.  I am not going to lie, 7:30am is really early to be ready and out the door every morning!  But we made it!  he didn't seem nervous at all as we walked into school.  He put his backpack away and joined his friend, Nate, on the rug and didn't really say bye.  No tears from him or me! 

 I could.not.wait. to pick him up at 3:00!  I wanted to hear all about his day!  He was very talkative and told me and daddy all about it!  He even said he wanted to ride the bus home and buy his lunch.  Whoa!  One thing at a time kiddo!  We are still thinking about the bus and decided he could buy his lunch on Fridays.  How did he get so grown up in one day?!?!

Chocolate cupcakes were definitely in order for an after school treat!  YAY for an awesome first day!

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