Campbell Meets Her Teachers

After we dropped Cole off at his first day of kindergarten, we headed over to Campbell's school to meet her teachers.  I love them!  Campbell made herself right at home in her class while her teachers told us about themselves and what they would be teaching the kiddos this year.  Both my kids really lucked out in the teacher department this year.  I have been told by several people that Cole got the absolute best teacher and both of Campbell's teachers used to teach high school before having kids and becoming a stay at home moms and one of them has her Masters in Education.  I really feel like they are going to teach my kiddos a ton this year!  So blessed!

 Mrs. Melissa.
Mrs. Pam

When we left I asked Campbell if she wanted to go to school the next day and she said, "No. I no go to cool."  Ha!  

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