He Is Risen

Easter 2013 was great!  What a blessing it is to know all my sins are forgiven because one man sacrificed his life and rose from the dead.  Because of Him I will spend eternity in Heaven.  I am forever grateful!  My favorite part of the day was the car ride to my parents for brunch after church.  I gave Cole a little quiz to see how much he was paying attention:
Me:  Cole, why do we celebrate Easter?
Cole:  Because Jesus died on the cross for our sins.
Me:  And then what happened?
Cole:  He rose from the dead.
Me:  And because Jesus did that, what do we get to do?
Cole: Go to Heaven.

Love him!  

Now on to the Muir Family's Easter festivities!  Saturday night we painted Easter eggs.  We usually die them but the kids lose interest pretty quickly so, thanks to Pinterest, we painted our eggs and we will paint them from now on.  The kids loved it.  They were really involved and particular about how they painted them.  

 Then we ate dinner and I made a little Easter, last minute what I had in the pantry because I wasn't prepared, dessert.  I was annoyed with myself because it's not like I didn't know Easter was coming.  I should have had something better planned.  Oh, well.
 Then the Easter bunny came and went.

 Sunday morning, the kids woke up to sussies from the Easter bunny and we watched HOP {an Easter tradition}.
 We met my sister's family at my parents' house after church for brunch.  The food was unbelievable!  Eggs, ham, fruit, cinnamon rolls and sticky buns and banana bread from Breadwinners, skillet potatoes and mimosas!

 Then the kiddos opened their Easter baskets from my parents!
 Gray, LOVING him some M&M's!
 Cole scored $20!
 And Campbell played with the handle she pulled off of my childhood Easter basket.
 Because it had rained, a lot, Easter morning we stuck to the patio for our egg hunt.  The kids didn't care.  They had a blast!

 Bubble time followed!  They were outside forever just blowing and popping bubbles!

 My mom and preggo sister!
 Easter Sunday happened to be opening day for MLB.  We had to represent so we changed out of our Easter clothes and got comfy in our Ranger gear!
Happy Easter from the Muir Family!  We hope you had a blessed day!


The Rodriguez Crew said...

Lyric, I just love your pictures. I just love love Campbell's faces, and wardrobe! Cole is getting so lean, and tall. And you always look adorable. :)

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Cute, cute pictures! Gorgeous family. He has risen indeed!

Lyric said...

Thank you ladies! You are too sweet!