Campbell at 2

Sweet Campbell, here are 22 things about you at 2 years old:

1.  You are silly.  I call you "goose" because you are a silly goose!  You're just funny.  Your facial expressions, the way you communicate, how you dance etc. make daddy, bubba and me laugh on a daily basis.

2.  As funny as you are, you are equally dramatic.  Drama with a capital D.  For example, you tripped and fell at the end of your birthday party.  There were only a couple of people left hanging out and you put on a show!  You screamed and cried and would not stand up or put any weight on your left leg.  I mean, we seriously thought we were headed to the emergency room you were carrying on so much.  Once it was just us I called the on-call nurse at Dr. G's and she said to monitor you for the rest of the night and if you still didn't put any weight on it to take you to the ER the next day.  Not, 10 minutes later you came running through the house.  RUNNING!  On a leg you couldn't stand on.  Once your audience was gone you were suddenly better.  Stinker. Needless to say we have our hands full with you.

3.  You want to be outside all.the.time.  I cannot walk out on the patio to watch the dog (we don't have a fence right now) with out you freaking out and needing to come outside too.  You would swing, slide, climb and bounce all day, rain or shine, if we let you.

4.  You like to sing and dance.  You dance to any music and you get your microphone to sing often.  You also love to kick the soccer ball, run, make gun sounds (thanks to bubba) and give check-ups like Doc.

5.  Speaking of Doc, Doc McStuffins is your favorite show right now.  Mickey has taken a backseat and you love Sophia the First too!

6.  You are obsessed with chap stick and lip gloss.  I have to hide mine so the Easter bunny brought you your own.
7.  You are a sweet girl.  You give hugs and kisses all the time.  You are concerned about boo boos and you rub bubba's back when he is hurt or sad.

8.  You are tough.  Really tough and not very graceful.  The tough part I am cool with.  The graceful part might not mesh well with the ballet and tap classes you are going to take this summer.  We shall see:)

9.  You are trying to put words together to talk.  You want to so bad but it is still gibberish.  Here is what you say to date:  
Gway (Gray)
Wook (look)
shhh (shoes)
Bay (blanket)
Bubba, we ahh eww? (Bubba, where are you?)
Tank to (Thank you)
pees (please)
 10.  You are a pretty good eater.  You do not like meat of any kind but you LOVE fruit and green beans.  You favorite foods are:  strawberries, raspberries, bananas, red and green grapes, green beans, cheese, cinnamon bread, french toast sticks, gold fish, black beans, quesadillas, refried beans, avocado, pizza, eggs, oreos, peanut M&M's, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, oranges, chips and queso and more!

11.  You wear size 3T/4T clothes, size 7 shoe and size 6 diaper.

12.  You are a great night sleeper.  You went through a rough patch that I thought would never end but you have been back to sleeping like a champ for a while now. I hate to say it but I think your napping days are coming to an end.  Right now they are hit and miss.  You really only fall asleep in the car while out running errands.  You never nap at home.

13.  You are smart.  You figure puzzles out with out help at all.  You understand everything we say and you know exactly what you want and how to get it.

14.  You color inside the lines.  No one showed you how, you just always have.

15.  You love to paint and you are very meticulous about it. 

16.  You are high maintenance in every sense of the word.

17.  You test my patients every day. And at the exact same time my love for you grows every day too!

18.  Your curly hair makes me smile.

19.  You do not like to drink anything but water and milk.  I love that about you!

20.  TMI Alert!  Since the day you were born you have never had normal poop.  It was always on the diarrhea end of the spectrum if you will. Such a mess, to the point where you often had to have a bath in the middle of the day.  Yuck! Dr. G was never concerned because you were growing and it never seemed to bother you.  He said you could be like that forever or it could change around 2 years of age.  I am happy to report that for the past week and a half you have had "normal" poopy diapers!  Hurray!  

21.  You love to moisturize.  

22.  You love to be in the water.  LOVE.  The bath is your happy place and I just know we won't be able to keep you out of the pool this summer.  
We love you so much sweet girl.  May you never doubt that!  

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The Rodriguez Crew said...

Cracked up at the "broken" leg, and then running on it the minute the audience was gone! HILARIOUS. And that is pretty neat that she is meticulous with her art already! I would imagine that's something that will carry with her through life!!