The Muir family had a CRAZY weekend and we loved every.single.minute of it!  Let me break it down for you:
Thursday:  Cole had school.  While he was at school Campbell and I filled up two grocery carts of food and drinks for our crawfish boil.  We unloaded, ran a few more errands, picked Cole up from school and took a breath at home before I cooked dinner and RT took Cole to Little League night at the Prosper High School baseball game.  RT brought Cole home and bath and showers happened while daddy picked Dylan up from the airport.

Friday:  I met Kori at 9:30 for a mani/pedi followed by lunch.  It was much needed girl/sister time while daddy and Dylan babysat the kids.  When I got home the boys left to run errands while I prepared food for 
Saturday's party and started setting up what I could.  Then RT's aunt and uncle came over, we all went to our favorite local Mexican restaurant, Mesa, and came home and continued to get the house ready for the party.

Saturday:  Cole had a 9:00 soccer game and an 11:00 baseball game.  The Muir Family Annual Crawfish Boil started at 1:00.  Saturday morning was hectic but we made it!

 I think Saturday might go down as one of the best days Cole has ever had.  He was non-stop the minute he woke up until the minute his head hit the pillow.  He had so much fun at both of his games and then coming home and jumping in the bounce house and on the trampoline and swinging and riding his 4-wheeler all with his best buddies, Cannon and Parker.  Our Crawfish Boil is like RT's Christmas.  He lives for this day and it did not disappoint.  Not only did his best friend, Dylan, come in town but the party was awesome!  At one point we had 70 people at our house, eating, drinking and having a great time!  I love entertaining and having a house full of friends and family and kids running around.  It was a great day!  We are already planning and looking forward to next year!  I know I was having a great time because I did a terrible job of taking pictures, so here is a very small glimpse into our day:

 (Dylan and RT)

 (Save me!)

 (Cole and his best buddy, Cannon)

 (Our friends the Webb's and the Schmidts')
 (Sweet Parker, Cole's other best buddy)
 (The bounce house was a huge hit)

 RT was having a very proud daddy moment.  Campbell LOVED eating crawfish and kept begging for more!

 (Gray aka Mr. Cool)

 (Mimi jumping with the babies)
 (My LOVE)

 (Campbell on my phone in the middle of the trampoline not concerned about the boys playing basketball around her)

Sunday:  RT, Dylan and I went to brunch (the kids spent the night at my parents).  The boys went home and finished cleaning up and I went to my parents to be with the kiddos.  Both kids took long naps before Cole went to baseball practice and Campbell played out side.  We ate dinner at my parents, RT took Dylan to the airport.  Showers, baths and bed followed.  We were still exhausted but it was totally worth it!
 (Cole fell asleep at the table after lunch)
(Campbell's awesome "nap-head" while eating lunch)

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the party looks so fun - i love it!