18 Months of Campbell

I cannot believe Campbell is 18 months old (she actually turned 1 1/2 on September 11th)!  What a joy and handful she has been!  We cannot imagine life without her!
This girl LOVES two things, shoes and Minnie Mouse.  She will stand at her closet door and cry until you open it and give her a pair of shoes.  If there are shoes on the floor she will put them on whether they are hers or not and forget going to a shoe store.  She basically rearranges the Nordstrom kids shoe department every time we go.  She will put on every shoe on display.  Her Minnie Mouse obsession ranks right up there with her love of shoes.  She wakes up talking about Mickey and Minnie and goes to bed right after she watches just one more episode.  She knows all their names, has all the little stuffed characters and about five different Minnies.  She cannot get enough!
 She is a great eater.  So far, the only two things she doesn't like are tomatoes and olives.  She will eat some meat but it is hit or miss.  She LOVES fruit.  Raspberries, strawberries and bananas are her favorite.  She loves green beans and sweet potatoes and avocado.  She loves all sweets and drinks milk and water only, she does not like juice.  We cannot complain.
She is definitely a healthy girl.  Dr. G said she looked great even though she completely looses her mind the second we enter the examining room.  I mean you would think she was getting 27 shots when in reality the nurse is measuring her head.  That's right, she looses it while getting her head measured, full on fit, arched back and screaming with tears.  Then she looses it again when getting weighed and basically the entire time Dr. G is in the room we have to talk over her screaming and both of us have to pin her down so he can check her out.  Good times.
Here are her 18 month stats:
Weight:  29 lbs (97%)
Height:  31 1/2" (39%)
Head:  18.5" (69%)
She is wearing 2T/3T clothes and is finally in a size 5 shoe!
 This girl has more personality.  She is sweet, loving and thoughtful.  She is hilarious and makes us laugh every single day.  She is feisty, opinionated and has serious attitude.  She is a total mess most of the time and we couldn't love her more.  She keeps our lives interesting for sure!
 She loves to play outside and doesn't mind getting dirty.  She loves to draw on the driveway with chalk and ride with bubba in his police car.  Swinging on the swing set is one her her favorite activities.  She likes to play with her babies and push them in her stroller and she likes to put things in and take things out of her purse.  She like talking on her Minnie phone and taking pictures with her Minnie camera. She loves books and playing her piano and also getting into her brothers stuff as well.  She is perfectly content playing alone.
 She has a pretty good vocabulary. She says:  Momma, dada, bubba, Mimi, Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Pete, yay, whoa, thank you, baby, bath, puppy, school, ball, book, shoe, go, bye, banana, goke (milk), cheese, hello, pig and sit.  She understands everything we say and uses her own words to communicate with us.
Oh how we love this girl.  Our lives would be boring and incomplete with out her.  She is our goose, our silly goose. 


Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

what an awesome post!! she is adorable!! her personality sounds EXACTLY like how cate is .. needing to do her 18 month post still

The Rodriguez Crew said...

the best part about her is that you can see her whole personality thru pictures!! she is one of the cutest little girls I've seen!!!

Shelley Lenay said...

I mean can you blame a girl for being obsessed with shoes? For real!

Kristi Kelly said...

She is just precious!! And her big fun personality!!! Love your blog Lyric!!!