Flying Monkeys vs The Matadors

After taking a weekend off due to a snotty nose and nasty cough, Cole was more than ready to play soccer this weekend.  The Flying Monkeys played great and Cole scored his first goal of the season!!  The Matadors were a tough team and had a kid that was twice the size of everyone else.  He did a lot of pushing, elbowing and kicking things that were not the ball (like one of our player's stomach).  The Flying Monkey's parents were irate that their Coach and parents didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with what he was doing.  There is a difference between being an aggressive player trying to get the ball and being a bully.  I mean this is 5 year old soccer where they don't keep score, not club soccer.  Ok, I think I am finished venting.
We are so proud of our little #9 and the rest of the Flying Monkeys!

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