iPhone Photos: Vol. 6

BEWARE!  Picture overload!
I had to start putting Campbell's hair in pig tails to help disguise the mullet she is growing.
 We met our friends, the Hills, at Sissy's downtown for a double date.  You HAVE to eat at Sissy's if you live in the Dallas area!
 Campbell got in to Mimi's lipstick.
 Cole has started watching Christmas shows and I love it!
 We had to say goodbye to my parent's dog, Jake. R.I.P.
 These cousins are too cute!
 My goofy lunch dates.
 Campbell clearly loves her Nutella snacks.
 Riding in mommy's new car.
 This is hands down my favorite candle.
 Snuggling and holding mommy's hand.
 My lunch date while bubba is in school.
 My sweet boy.
 Cole sporting a head light in the car. Duh.
 Daddy and Cole's new toy.
 This never happens.  She couldn't hang with momma at Target.
 My mom was cleaning out drawers and came across my wedding invitation.  I still love it so much!
 Cole cleaning cars going through the car wash.
 Family dinner at Rosa's.
 My best friend is having a baby!
 Friday night family fun at Gloria's.
 I don't know what to say about this pictures other than we sure to love our silly goose.
 Chalk-y hiney and feet!
 Uh-oh #1
Uh-oh #2

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