Muir Family Staycation 2012: Day 3

On day three of our staycation we headed out to Terrell to visit Ham Orchards.  It was so cute and so good!  We missed berry picking season (may-june) but we were able to enjoy everything else.  The market was amazing!  I came home with lots of goodies!  Peaches, tomatoes, homemade jams, blackberry syrup and fried pies!  Everything is so fresh!  Then we sat in the pavilion and ate Ham's made fresh daily strawberry ice cream!  I really wish the kids could have picked berries.  We are going to go back next year for sure!

The ride home was NOT awesome.  Campbell threw a fit the whole.way.home.  That's right, from Terrell to Prosper she cried and nothing we tried made her feel better.  Turns out she was coming down with a stomach bug.....

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