Muir Family Staycation 2012: Day 1 and 2

We kicked off our staycation with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  It did not disappoint!  The kids had THE.BEST.TIME. 

 Our room was our first stop and I think they would have been satisfied just hanging out in their "tent" for the remainder of our stay.  Cole thought it was just the coolest!

 The entire hotel was super cool and Cole loved the tree house in the middle of the lobby.
 We made our way to the water park and the kids were in heaven.  We started off in the baby pool and Cole and Campbell must have slid down the slides 50 times. 
 Cole ended up sliding down the slides on his belly and backwards.

 After a few hours in the pool we got cleaned up and headed to dinner.  I will have to say the food was not stellar.  It was ok but don't expect much if you ever go.

 Monday morning we got up and got dressed to spend as much time as we could exploring before it was time to leave.
 As we finished breakfast a little show was starting in the lobby and we were able to catch the whole thing.  It was cute and taught the kids about the forest and animals through cute little songs.  My kids were mesmerized!

 Then Cole got signed up for MagicQuest.  It is basically a scavenger hunt throughout the hotel.  You have to find clues by waving your wizard wand to get your next clue!  He was probably a little young for it.  Cole and RT did the easiest game and he pretty much just wanted to make things open and talk with his wand.  Whatever!  He had fun!
 Then we headed to the arcade.  This boy loves an arcade!  Campbell is not in the picture below because she was FREAKING OUT with a capital F.  She got one look at these guys and just lost it.
 From the arcade we decided to swim some more before we left.  Cole was super brave and went down 2 really big adult slides and loved it.  Campbell continued to have the best time in the baby pool and wanted to slide over and over again!
 After hours of fun it was time to go home.  Campbell couldn't even stay awake long enough to get in the car.  Bless her heart!  Cole kept talking about how cool the slides were and how much he loved our room!  He wants to go back soon!
Our stay at the Lodge ended up being the first and last fun thing we got to do during our staycation.  Stay tuned....

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Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

precious precious.. what a fun staycation and great family memory!!