It is not a very feminine nickname but I call Campbell, Goose.  As in, Silly Goose.  It is a VERY fitting name.  She is so silly all the time!  I also caller her Goosey and Gooser.  She makes us laugh constantly.  We lover her big personality!  Here is a little recap of what she has been up to over the past two weeks!
 She walks around the house with her purse on her arm while holding either her cell phone or her camera.  She holds the phone to her ear and says "Whoa, Whoa" as in "hello, hello" over and over again.  If she has her camera she holds it over her eyes and makes a cheese face.  Silly Goose!
 I am so happy I captured the picture above.  She puts her hand on her face and waves hello or bye-bye to you!  Silly Goose.
 She has a few new words to ad to her vocabulary:
Dee-Dee = Mickey
"Tay-To" = Thank you
"Pup-eee" = Puppy
 She makes silly faces...a.lot. 
She very much does her own thing.  She does not care what everyone else is doing.  I actually love that about her!

We Love our Goose!

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