Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Today was a day I will NEVER forget!  Today I didn't see any "baby" left in my baby.  He was all boy, independent, athletic and just, well, grown up.  He could not wait to play in his first REAL t-ball game.  Not just practice, but an actual game.  He was pumped and so were we!

Before the game we attended the opening ceremonies for PYSA.  All of the teams were announced while each one ran on to the field.  There were bounce houses, fireman, police officers, mascots, raffles and a snow cone truck.  They even had a fly over at the end of the National Anthem.  I am telling you it was a big deal! 

 Cole will play all of his games at a new park.  It was A-mazing.  There are 6 baseball fields, soccer fields and a park and pond.  The picture above is of the concessions and restrooms building.  Nice right?!?!  All of the bleachers have backs and all of the seating is covered and shaded.  We are going to be spoiled at this park.
 The boys getting instructions from their coach.
 Teams out on the field.
 The fly over.

 Cole won a baseball signed by Torii Hunter (who crazy enough lives behind my parents)

 In the dug out waiting for the game to start.
 Look who was picked to play catcher for the first 2 innings!

 This was his very first at bat.  He hit a triple!
 He played 1st base for the rest of the game.
"good game, good game, good game..." 
 One proud daddy!  He actually helped out in the dug out and on the field and had a blast!
 Mimi and Gramps came and Aunt Kori was there too!
Nanette drove in from Texarkana just for the game and then drove back!

It was an unforgettable day!  We are so proud and blessed to have Cole as our son.  The most important part of the day was that Cole had a, "SUPER fun time", and that is really all that matters!

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