Easter 2012

I feel like Easter snuck up on me this year.  I was not as prepared as I would have liked to have been.  I had lots of crafts and goodies I was going to make with the kids but busy schedules interfered and we just didn't do anything.  I am kind of bummed about it.  We did do the most important activity though.  I made sure we did Resurrection Eggs with Cole.  After 12 days we had gone through the story of the true meaning of Easter.  When I asked Cole what he learned he said he will go to Heaven one day and get to see his fish, Dan.  Then he asked if there were sharks in Heaven.  Obviously, we need to work on it a little.
 Thursday after school we went to see the Easter Bunny.  Campbell was not a fan.  She was physically shaking when I picked her up from his lap.  Poor baby girl!  Then on Saturday, Cole colored a bunny mask and we decorated Easter eggs.  Cole did an amazing job!  We let him put the eggs in the dye and take them out all by himself.  He was so proud!

 The Easter Bunny visited our house and left a few goodies for the kids.  Cole was so hyper and acting so silly!

 We got all dressed up and headed to my parents for lunch!

 My parents got the babies these super cute lounge chairs!  They are so cute and cant wait to see them having snacks by the pool this summer.

 Cole LOVES Kori and Jon's new puppy, Wolf.  He carries him around and snuggles him as much as he can!
 My parents gave Cole a real Croquet set.  He has been asking for one for forever!  He was pumped!

 Campbell was having a rough day so we came home early to put her to bed and then the 3 of us watch HOP.  It is a super cute movie and one we will probably watch every Easter from now on!
I am so thankful Jesus died for me!  I am so thankful for the life and family he has blessed me with.

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