Spring Sing and Open House

Last night we had the honor of attending Cole's first Spring Sing at school!  It is just about the cutest thing ever and this very proud mama had to fight back tears as she watched her big boy sing his little heart out on stage.  He knew all the words and motions and just thought he was "big stuff" up there.  His teachers have told me that they, along with the other teachers, get the biggest kick out of Cole in chapel.  They say he sings the loudest and we definitely witnessed that last night!
 My, all of the sudden out of no where, big boy!
 So proud and excited to be on the big stage with his friends.

 The kids sang 5 songs and when it was over we met him in his classroom for open house.  When we got to his room he was sitting with a group of friends just hanging out and talking.  It was so cute!  I love seeing him in his element!  He was so proud to show us his art work and the things in his class.
 Campbell trying to get a peek at some of his projects.
 Mimi and Gramps
Before we left he received an award for being a good student and having a happy personality!  What more could we ask for?!?!

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