Lions and Tigers and Giraffes, Oh My!

I decided yesterday morning at 9:30 to take the kids to the zoo.  I am not usually a spontaneous person but I decided going to the zoo would be WAY more fun than anything I could come up with while at home.  The kids were already bored with me so I knew we had to come up with something fast.  Thankfully my mom was able to come with us!  It was a perfect day.  It wasn't crowded, a little overcast and not very hot.

 We saw lots and lots of cool animals.  These were right outside the restrooms.  Not in a cage.
 We stopped and had lunch first thing.  I was actually impressed with the food.  It wasn't terrible like I thought it would be.
Cole was our navigator.  He kept us on track all day.
 Huge turtles.  From farther away they looked like rocks.

 Cole LOVED this guy.  He thought it was so funny that his bottom was "shaved and pink".
 We made it to the elephant exhibit right at feeding time.  We had the perfect spot to watch them eat out of their hay net.

 The lions are always cool.  They are beautiful.  We also learned that cheetahs not growl or roar, they chirp.
 Next up were the giraffes.  BY FAR our favorite part.  They are just so cute and have the best eyes and eyelashes.  We learned that their tongues can be 18 inches long and their hearts can weigh 25 pounds!

 Cole wanted to feed them and did such a great job!  I loved how up close and personal you could get to them.

We also saw, koalas, kangaroos, otters, monkeys, gorillas, a ton of birds, flamingos and penguins.  By the end of the day the kids (and mommy and mimi) were pooped.  We beat the traffic home and took a VERY short nap before going to daddy's soccer game.  It was a long and super fun day!

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