A Weekend of Celebrations!

What a fun and busy weekend we had!  It was full of birthday celebrations and celebrating the amazing fathers in my life.  Let me start by saying I did a terrible job photo documenting the weekend...boo.  Friday night we went to RT's aunt's house to celebrate RT's cousin, Travis' 21st birthday, RT's aunt Terri's birthday, RT's mom's birthday and my birthday.  Then on Saturday morning we all drove to Oklahoma for an 80th birthday lunch for RT's grandma's sister and then drove back.

Because my birthday fell on Father's Day this year RT took me out to celebrate Saturday night.  He completely out did himself!
We went and saw Bridesmaids.  It was hilarious!!!
Then he took me to my favorite restaurant, Nick and Sam's.  It is always delicious every time we go and this restaurant holds a special place in our hearts. 
Then he surprised me with a pretty necklace from here:
Sunday morning he let me sleep in a little on Father's Day while he picked up donuts and brought home these amazing flowers for me!  He also told me he ordered me a new, awesome vacuum....you have no idea how excited I am about that!!!
Then it was time to celebrate my amazing husband because he is the best father in the world.  Cole and Campbell are super lucky!  He opened cards and presents before we headed over to my parent's house for even MORE celebrating!
At my parents we continued my birthday celebrations along with my brother-in-law, Jon's, birthday that is the day before mine and we celebrated RT, Jon and my dad being amazing fathers!

We did the usual Sunday activities of cooking out and swimming but added birthday and Father's Day gifts along with a joint birthday cake for me and Jon.....it was our traditional Red Velvet cake from scratch and cream cheese icing from scratch made by my mom!  It is sooooo delicious!!!
Whew...what a weekend!  We are definitely blessed!

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Shelley Lenay said...

We all know how much you love to vacuum! I think of you often when I vacuum and how you used to come over to Karissa and I's apartment to vacuum!