I CANNOT believe this picture.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time!  Even though we have season tickets to the Ranger games we were invited to sit in a box by my dad's best friend and his family.  It happened to be the game that Dirk was throwing out the first pitch and our box just happened to be 6 suites down from Dirks box.  We could see him out on his balcony from our balcony.  It was awesome!  Then uncle Jon became friends with the security guard and now I have a picture of my son and Dirk!  SO COOL!
Uncle Jon said Cole was a little intimidated by Dirk's size and started backing away from him before the picture. Dirk just picked him up and put him on his lap which is why Cole looks like he has no idea what is going on.  Such a nice guy!!!  I will say it again....I cannot believe Cole had his picture taken with the MVP of the 2011 NBA Finals and World Champion Dallas Mavericks, number 41, Dirk Nowitzki. CRAZY!