Campbell: 3 Months Old

Sweet Miss Campbell,

Where do I begin??  You are such a sweet baby girl.  We feel so blessed to have you as part of our family!

You are such a smiley girl.  You don't just smile with your mouth either, you smile with your whole face.  Your blue eyes twinkle and the sight makes us melt.

You started belly laughing this month and it is precious.  Cole makes you giggle the most and I wouldn't have it any other way.  He loves it when you smile and laugh at him and I love watching him try!  You definitely love your big brother and I hope that never changes.
 You had a lot of "firsts" over the last month: 

You started sleeping through the night.  You are a great night time sleeper but you only cat nap during the day.  I'll take it! 

We put you in the jumperoo for the first time and you love it.  You bounce and bounce and smile!  I think you think you are so big when you are in it.

You went to "gramps' lake" for the first time and were such a trooper.  You just hung out in your bumbo seat and watched your brother play.  I am glad you did so well because we will be spending lots of weekends there this summer!

You met your cousin, Gray, for the first time.  Neither one of you really acknowledged each other but I know sooner than later you two are going to be best little buddies!

And last but not least you swam in the big pool for this first time and you loved it too.  Just like your big brother you find it calming and cool and fun!
When you are sleepy you bury your head in my shoulder and I melt.  It is my favorite thing you do.  Then I swaddle you up and rock you to sleep.  I can tell you I will miss it when you no longer need me to rock you to sleep.  I love doing it.  It is our quiet time together and it is so precious to me.

You are a great eater and have just recently gone from 4 oz. to 6 oz. per feeding.  You are going to start cereal before I know it...aaawww stop growing so fast!

You are wearing 3-6 month size clothes and are about to out grow size 1 diapers.

One of my favorite things that you did this month is you have discovered baby dolls....yes, already.  On a shelf above your changing table is my first baby that I got when I was a little girl.  After I am finished changing your diaper I pick you up and you immediately look around until you find the baby and you just smile and get so excited.  I take it off the shelf and hold her up to you and you just smile and stare at her.  Then you will reach your little hand out and touch her.  It is the sweetest thing and it amazes me that you already know that you love babies!
Time is going by way to fast!  I want to freeze it.  I want to bottle up the way you smell.  We love you so much and are so thankful for you!

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