Campbell and Gray Side by Side...Sort Of

To top off the perfect Saturday we were already having yesterday, I got to hold Gray for the first time!!!  My parents watched Cole and Campbell for me and RT so we could go over to Kori and Jon's....Yes you read that right...Gray is home!  Because he was born so early and is still so tiny, per Dr. G, they have to be extra careful about germs.  Gray cannot afford to get sick so no kiddos allowed.  Also, because I had been holding my kids all day I had to put a robe on over my germ-y shirt.  They can't take any chances.  I was more than happy to do it so I could get my hands on the little peanut!  He is SO SWEET!  I could have snuggled all day!

 Kori and I wanted so badly to take Gray and Campbell's picture together to compare their sizes.  They are one month and one day apart in age but drastically different in size.  But because of the germ factor they won't be able to meet for some time so we got creative.  My mom gave Gray and Campbell the EXACT same bunny in blue and pink so we laid them next to their bunnies so we could compare the differences in their sizes.  It makes me laugh...Campbell looks like a giant!
 Gray at 1 month and 2 days old
Campbell at 2 months and 3 days old
They finally got to bring their baby boy home!  It is so sweet to see the three of them together at their house, one their couch!  I am so happy for my sister and Jon!

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