2 months

Sweet Baby Girl,

You are growing up right before our eyes!  You are no longer a newborn and it makes me so sad....I just wish I could freeze time.

In the past month you have started smiling at us.  Oh how we love that sweet smile.  We will do just about anything to see it!  You have also started "talking" to us and following us around the room with your head and eyes.  You especially love to watch your big brother...he seems very interesting to you!
You are a great sleeper at night but not so much during the day.  You have started sleeping from about 8:00 pm to 4-5:00 am.  I feed you and put you back down and you wake up for good between 6:30 and 7:00 am.  I definitely cannot complain about that.  During the day however, you are a cat-napper.  You sleep 10 mintues here, 15 minutes there.  You are such a light sleeper during the day that the tiniest sound wakes you up and with a busy older brother it is rarely quiet in the house.  Hopefully you will learn to love naps!

You were having some tummy problems so we switched you to Soy formula and you are now a happy camper.  You are having normal dirty diapers now and are far less fussy.  Yay!  You drink 4 oz. at every feeding and you definitely LOVE to eat.
 Speaking of eating you packed on some pounds this month.  We recently went to see Dr. G and here are your stats:

Weight: 12 pounds 13 ounces
Height: 23 inches
Head:15 inches

You also received your first round of vaccinations.  You were NOT a fan.  You screamed and cried and carried on for a while.  Then you had a rough day.  Your little legs hurt and you ran a fever.  It was a sad day for you and for mommy.  Nothing made you happy!
You are such a joy.  We love you to pieces!  You love to cuddle and coo and smile and we cannot get enough.  We steal your kisses all the time and are trying to cherish every moment of this great phase.
We love you so much Campbell Taylor and can't wait to see what you do over the next month!


Anonymous said...

Lyric, these pictures are so cute. I am missing out on so much of Campbell and Cole it makes me sad. Can't wait to see you guys soon. Love, Nanette

Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

ahhhhh such a pretty girl! they do grow so fast.. in one second, I'm wanting to freeze time and the next I'm wanting her to walk and play w/ Mia... great job on the sleeping end.. we also feed her last at 8 but she lately can't seem to fall asleep till 10p.. did you ever have any issues w/ that?

Lyric said...

Ashley, I know exactly how you feel. I can't wait for cole and campbell to run and play together but at the same time I don't want them to grow up! I'm sorry I don't have any advice regarding falling asleep...we have been very blessed with both kids in the sleeping department...sorry I can't be more help! How are you feeling?