What a Difference a School Year Makes

Wow!  I cannot believe Cole has completed his first year of preschool.  He has grown up and matured so much over the past year.  He has become a full blown boy and no longer has "baby" tendencies.  He has learned so much and I give his wonderful teachers the credit.  He is more confident and inquisitive. He loved school and made new friends.  School was so good for him mentally and socially and we could be happier with our decision to send him a year earlier than we thought we would!
First Day of School - September 8, 2010

Last Day of School - May 18, 2011
The last day of school was super fun!  He had a chick-fil-a party at lunch, got to play with water guns, bubbles and sidewalk chalk during recess and watched a movie instead of nap time!  What a treat!
He will truly miss Ms. Kim and Ms. Raquel and all his little friends over the summer!

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Jessica said...

WOW - what a difference in those pictures. Cole looks so mature!