RT and I decided we should have a weekend of "us" time before Campbell arrives. We know once she gets here it will be some time before we would get an entire weekend to ourselves. So, on Friday, RT took Cole and our dog to Texarkana so they could spend the weekend with his parents. RT did some work for his dad's company before coming back Friday afternoon. I made dinner Friday night and the rest of our weekend looked something like this:

We caught up on shows we haven't seen in weeks. We took a super romantic trip to Best Buy and purchased a new washing machine. We had some things for Campbell's room framed and saw The Fighter, which is awesome by the way. Then we stuffed ourselves at Babe's. We fell asleep while snuggled on the couch watching the MAVS. It was a wonderful weekend. It might not have been the most romantic but that wasn't the point. We spent quality time together without interruptions and had normal conversations that did not revolve around what Cole did that day. It was nice to just do whatever we wanted to do...without any kind of plan at all. We feel rejuvenated, but CANNOT WAIT to see Cole today!


The Rodriguez Crew said...

That sounds absolutely perfect and amazing! Might be following your lead on this one! Every time I see your "countdown ticker" I nearly freak out b/c I think, Whoah, she is due SOON, then I realize I'm not that far behind. I think you should do a post to show us all of the fun things you've bought for Campbell so far, so that I can swoon over cute girly stuff! :)

Brittney @ britandtheboys said...

looks like an amazing weekend! Good for ya'll!

Catherine said...

hello, i found your blog thru another blog and was just wondering if you could tell me how you got the text font you are using on your blog? i'm sort of new to blogging, so maybe i'm just not doing something write? lol if you could please let me i know i would appreciate it.. thank you! : )

Tiffany said...

hi lyric!

I am a fellow blogger....a friend of Paige's {the rodriguez crew}. I've been following your blog for awhile now...just thought I'd say hello!! congratulations on expecting Campbell!! Cole is just precious :)

your babymoon sounds like the perfect weekend to me!!

take care~
Tiffany :)

Lyric said...

Thank you ladies for the sweet comments!

Paige, I will do a girly post just for you! I have 2 showers coming up and as soon as those are done I will post some eye candy for you:)

Catherine, welcome to the blog world. The font at the top of my page was done by my bro in law so I don't know the name but to get a design and/or font you just need to create a picture in Photoshop and then insert it as your title. I am far from being an expert but I hope that helps a little.

Tiffany, thanks for commenting! I will have to check your blog out now and have heard about you through paige's blog!