Soaking It All In - Bath Time

Oh how you LOVE bath time. I will admit that it is usually a struggle to get you actually in the tub because it usually requires us to interrupt something very important you are doing, but man, once you are in there you don't want to get out. I also must admit I haven't been able to give you as many baths as I want because of how yucky I have felt and sometimes still feel so daddy has been on bath duty for the most part around here.

I do love how much you love the water. Whether it's tub water, pool water or lake water {eww} you just love it. You love it when we change your bath water different colors. You love playing with bubbles in the tub and you love to simply scoop and pour water with your cup. I love how we just chit-chat about random things and spell words with the letters that stick to the shower wall.

What you DO NOT love is the shower. A couple of weeks ago while you were happily playing you pulled the washcloth off the spout and it got hooked to the thing you pull to make the shower come on and you FREAKED OUT!!! You cried and cried and immediately wanted out of the tub. Now you have a little complex about it coming on and ask us every time you get in if the shower is going to come on this time. Sweet Love!

I love your messy wet hair and how dark your eyelashes get. But most of all I love the time we spend together and watching you have so much fun!

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