32 Weeks! Oh.My.Word!

I cannot believe how close we are to meeting our sweet baby girl! I feel like there is still so much to do. Thankfully I have two showers this month so I know I will feel better equipped with all the sweet baby goodies and gear!

Cole is already such a great big brother and is so helpful. He has helped daddy paint, put furniture together and even picked out an outfit for Campbell. He was adamant about getting this outfit and the bow that matches. I swear I did not put this idea in his head and even had something else picked out. He told me to put it away and get the one he liked. To be honest he has pretty good taste!
The only thing he cannot understand is why I can't just stand around and hold him right now. I mean the boy weighs 40 pounds and the pressure I feel on my belly is just not good. I cannot wait for Cole to meet his baby sister! I just know they are going to love each other so much!
I still can't seem to put any weight on. Apparently Campbell is soaking up every last thing I eat. I am never really that hungry and still feel a little yucky most days so it makes it hard for me to sit down and eat a really good meal. At my last doctors appointment I lost two pounds again but Campbell seems to be growing just fine. Even with my ever expanding belly I still have 3-4 pounds to gain before I weigh what I did when I found out I was preggo. Totally crazy to me and a completely opposite experience from my pregnancy with Cole.
It is becoming increasingly harder to bend over, get off the couch and perform normal daily tasks. Campbell moves constantly and can make me pretty uncomfortable. She loves to poke her foot in my side and it really hurts!
We are moving right along. If she is like her big brother I could have as little as 4-5 weeks to go which blows my mind. Or she might have a totally different plan like she has had this entire pregnancy and I could have 8 more weeks. Only she knows! Either way we can't wait to meet her!


The Rodriguez Crew said...

That just gave me butterflies! You look beautiful, and I cannot BELIEVE the no weight gain thing - I mean, who has that happen!?!? LUCKY. I tote Jagger all over still too (and he's also a whoppin' 40 lbs!), and I know people think I'm nuts. I bet they think you're REALLY nuts. ha! I'm sitting here waiting for paint samples to dry in Jag's big boy room, fun fun stuff! :)

Christine said...

Lyric, you look amazing and just glowing.. I am so thrilled for the arrival of your precious baby girl. I keep wondering if she will get here before I get back to Texas... so exciting and so wonderful that Cole is already taking on his big brother role... it just keeps getting better and better.