How Can It Be?!...Cole is 3!

Yesterday was Cole's 3rd Birthday! I swear he was born yesterday. Time flies!

We had so much fun celebrating our big boy's big day!

He slept in the special jammies his Mimi K gave him. He ate his requested breakfast of white donuts, a.k.a. powdered sugar donuts, off of his special plate his Mimi K also gave him for his big day!

He ate grilled cheese and ice dream at the mall for lunch and made a trip to the Disney store while we were there too.

Then daddy took off work so the 3 of us could see MegaMind. It was so cute and Cole sat through the entire movie without moving!

After the movie we met Mimi K, Gramps, Kori and Jon at Uncle Julio's for dinner where Cole ate his weight in chips and queso and chatted it up with our waiter.

After dinner everyone came back to our house for singing, cake and presents.

He said his favorite gift was his new digital camera. He got one because he was wanting to use my good camera all the time and I just knew only bad things were going to come of that. Now he has his own and he was cracking us up while using it last night. We definitely need to work on the aiming part and making sure the person he is taking a picture of is ready. I will do a post later to show you his skills!

After everyone left he had a meltdown. He was just so worn out from all the excitement the day brought and he never took a nap. He laid his head down and was out 10 seconds later. It sure is tough turning 3!

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the rodriguez crew said...

Oh my word, Jagger & Cole are so much alike turning the big 3! I got Jag the same shirt w/ the big polo and 3 for his special day, and we'll probably end up at the Disney store (obsessed), and he's requested a Lightening Mcqueen "bertday party" for his actual day! What a fun day with lots of treats - being a kid is the best!