Cole's Dino-mite 3rd Birthday Party!

Cole specifically asked for a dinosaur party for his birthday this year. I kind of panicked a little at first because I had no idea what to do for a dinosaur theme until digging for dinosaurs popped in my head. Thankfully the ideas just kept coming!My dad built Cole a "dig site" and my husband buried dinosaur skeletons for the kiddos to find. I also stuffed plastic eggs with "baby" dinosaurs for the dinosaur egg hunt! Cole had a blast digging and hunting! Once they finished each "paleontologist" got dinosaur tattoos, dinosaur figurines and a dinosaur egg you put in water and in 24-48 hours a dinosaur will hatch. They also got to keep all their findings and their hats!

Our Paleontologists for the day {we missed you Quinn and Haylee}:

I served food to satisfy both the carnivores {chicken nuggets and BBQ shredded beef on rolls} and herbivores appetites {potato salad, fruit salad and veggies}.

And of course we sang Happy Birthday to the birthday boy and ate dinosaur cake!

And just look at how amazing our family and friends are! Cole got awesome gifts!

After everyone had left Cole crashed hard! He was so worn out from all the excitement but as soon as he woke up from his nap all he talked about was how fun his party was! Yea, success! He played with all his new toys all night and had a hard time deciding what to play with next!

Thank you to everyone who came and made Cole's party a success! He is very lucky to have each of you in his life. RT and I thank you for loving our little guy so much!


Dustin & Kate said...

What a fun party! You are so creative!

Poefam said...

So sad we weren't able to come! DARLING party!!!