20 Weeks....We're Half Way There!

Wow! I cannot believe we are already half way through this pregnancy! In 20 short weeks we will get to meet our sweet Campbell! We cannot wait to see if she is going to look like Cole or if she will have a head full of black hair like me. So exciting!
I am still sick. Not as sick as I was before...it IS getting better but I still get nauseous and I still randomly throw up. I thought for sure it would be over by now. Everyday I wake up so hopeful that it will be the day the sickness is gone. Some days are better than others and I am ready to start feeling 100% again. At the same time if this lasts until the day Campbell is born I will be ok with that. As long as I have a healthy baby girl in the end that is all that matters.
I haven't had many cravings recently, although I did ask my mom to make me a homemade pecan pie yesterday. It really hit the spot but I haven't craved much else. I have actually lost 10 pounds since I got pregnant. My doctor does not want me loosing anymore and if I haven't gained much by the next time I see her she is going to have to take "drastic action". I'm assuming she is going to put me on a special food plan. Hopefully that won't happen and I will gain some weight in the next couple of weeks!

I also don't feel quit as prepared this time around. I feel like this is such a busy time of year with Cole's birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas that I won't even get started on Campbell's room until the first of the year. That is totally not like me to wait so long but we have so much going on! I do have LOTS of ideas for her room and the bedding is picked out so at least I have some direction.
I want to soak up as much of our time as a family of 3! I have a feeling I will be very emotional and sentimental this holiday season. We will definitely be doing lots of fun things as a family in the next 5 months!
We are so excited about our sweet baby girl and cannot wait to meet Campbell face to face.

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The Pillsbury Family said...

Lyric, you look amazing! I was still sick up until 25 wks with Hannah - hang in there! I am so thrilled you are having a girl - especially due to the fact that our baby girls will be close in age!