Cole's Letter From Mom: 3 Years Old

Dear Cole,

Where do I begin? I feel like you have grown and matured so much over the past year. You have even started your first year of pre-school and you are loving it. It started out a little rough with tears when we dropped you off and protesting about going. Now you can't wait to go to school and are always excited when you get there. I wish I could be a fly on the wall and watch you interact with your sweet teachers and friends. I know you are quiet and shy at school but are opening up more and more each day. When asked you say gym and lunch are your favorite parts of the day. My favorite part of Monday and Wednesday is walking from the car into your classroom hand-in-hand. Daddy and I are so proud of how well you are doing and how much you are learning!
We visited Dr. Guetersloh last week and he confirmed what we already knew. You are a BIG boy! Here are your stats:

Weight: 39 lbs. 4 oz {97th percentile}
Height: 38.8 inches {90th percentile}
Blood Pressure: 93/68
Pulse: 108

At your appointment you had your blood pressure taken for the first time. You also stood on the scale to be weighted instead of sitting on the baby scale. You also stood up for the first time to measure your height instead of laying on the table and being measured. You gained 6 pounds and grew 2 1/2 inches since your 2 year check-up. Dr. G tested you on your colors, balance and jumping skills. He said you looked great and we should start really talking about stranger danger.
You have been fully potty trained for almost 7 months now and you have done an unbelievable job! You caught on so quick and I can count on one hand how many accidents you have had. Mommy and daddy are so proud of how well you adjusted!

We are also beginning to realize that we sailed through the "terrible twos" without any problems but 3 might be a little more challenging. We know it is just a phase and you are testing your boundaries. You have become so independent and are determined to do things on your own. You get frustrated when you can't or don't get what you want. We are going to have to work through this together and we know it will pass.

You are also very sweet, caring and curious. You love to give mommy and daddy hugs for no reason and you like to snuggle in the morning and at night. You give our dog Finn hugs and kisses and want to make sure he is never left out. You talk about things your baby sister, Campbell, is going to need like a "tags" and a "lovie" like yours. You truly love all your grandparents, aunts and uncles and all the dogs in the family. You have such a big heart!
You keep mommy and daddy laughing and in awe of you on a daily basis. You say some of the funniest things. Just the other day we were in the car and you said, "I'm just stressed out" and put your hand on your forehead. We just cracked up! You amaze us at how you pay so much attention to detail and the things going on around you.

You love watching sports on TV and will imitate the players. You copy what they do with there hands, how they slide, how they bounce the ball and how they tackle. Whatever sport is on TV is what you want to play...and you are actually good at all of them. You have a great arm, you make baskets like crazy and when we pitch you a ball you hit it in the air.

Eating a variety of foods is not something you are good at. Meals on a typical day for you are:

Breakfast - Pancakes or toast, yogurt and milk or orange juice.
Lunch - Ham or turkey and cheese sandwich or a turkey hot dog, some kind of cracker or chip, some kind of cookie and I always give you a fruit that you never eat.
Dinner - Mac'n cheese, sandwich or a turkey dog and some of what we are eating too.

You will also eat chicken, hamburgers, oranges, pizza, cheese, cheese and more cheese and dark chocolate but you WILL NOT EAT Peanut Butter. If you smell peanut butter in anything you will not eat it. You do not like to try new things. Most recently we gave you hot chocolate to try and you didn't want it. It is so frustrating because we know you will like the things we give you but you won't budge. I am hoping you will grow out of this very soon. I do not want you to grow up and be a picky eater!
Mommy and daddy love you so much. We love you so much we can't even put it into words. You are a joy and the light of out lives. We cannot imagine life with out you and look forward to watching you grow up (not too fast) to a fine young man.


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