One Lucky Little Guy

Cole is one lucky little guy for MANY reasons but one of the big ones is because he has an AWESOME Aunt Kori and Uncle Jon. They just love him to pieces and spoil him when they get the chance. They bring him little sussies from their vacations, footballs from the Cowboys games and always out do themselves on Birthday and Christmas gifts.

Well, on Saturday they were at it again. RT and I had a date night and Cole got to spend some time with 2 of his favorite people and let's not forget their precious puppy, Bear. So, while mommy and daddy were at a movie followed by dinner, Cole ate Mexican food, his favorite, was offered ice cream but strangely didn't want any and then got to go to Target where he got 4 new cars from Cars! He was so excited to show us when we picked him up and has played with them non-stop ever since.

I am so thankful that Cole has Kori and Jon in his life. What a sweet and special bond they have! Thank you again for babysitting! I love you guys!

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