Kids Say the Funniest Things

Cole is pretty funny. He makes us laugh daily and one of our favorite things right now is listening to him say words wrong. It is just so darn cute! I know we should correct him and we will, eventually.Warna = Water
Syrpit = Syrup
Pakes = Pancakes
Wilk = Milk
Munch = Lunch
Toemono = Tomorrow
Patzas = Pizza
Kankoo = Thank you

Cole and I have been under the weather for the past few days {pretty sure he picked something up on his first day of preschool} and when RT came home from work he asked me how I was feeling and when I told him OK Cole chimed in and said, "It's my fault, sorry mom". We laughed so hard but quickly reassured him that it wasn't his fault. Little love.

And lastly, Cole has said his first bad word. We still aren't sure where he heard it and we are definitely making sure he doesn't say it again. We explained to him that it was an ugly word to say and that Jesus doesn't like it. Here's what happened...I was helping him clean up some toys by holding a container so he could throw his blocks in it. He missed on of the blocks and said, "Oh Dammit." I quickly scolded him and told him when he got upset like that he should say "Oh pickles" instead {I know, but it was the first word that came to my mind}.

And here is one sweet thing he has done recently. I was not feeling well on Sunday and got a blanket out to curl up on the couch with. Apparently I wasn't covered up well enough so Cole came over and tucked the blanket around my shoulders and under my neck and said, "There you go mom." Melt my heart.

There you have it, funny and not so nice things Cole says right now. I NEVER want to forget the things he says or the sweet moments we share, so I am sure there will be many more posts like this one to come.

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