First Trimester...I WILL NOT Miss You.

It has been a rough 3+ months around here. I am eternally grateful that I have had a healthy pregnancy and both of my doctor visits have been perfect. I feel truly blessed to have gotten pregnant very easily and quickly and have had no problems to date. I am very lucky and I know that but..... man have I been sick. I was no where near this sick with Cole. With him I was just nauseous 24/7 and never had to take medicine for it. This time around I started feeling "green" at about 6 weeks and immediately needed Zofran so I could function and take care of RT and Cole. It has not been a very pretty 6+ weeks but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am still pretty dependent on Zofran but I can tell each day is getting a little bit better.

Pregnancy is such an amazing and strange thing. I can be nauseous and starving all at the same time! Here are the foods that I have craved so far:
I can eat my weight in these turkey sausage links. Weird! Strawberries are my newest craving while the Ocean Spray craving has started to subside. Who knows what will be next! I do know that my sweet tooth gets turned off when I am pregnant. It happened with Cole too. I just don't love sweets like a normally do. I do LOVE salt though!

I knew it would happen but I did think I would show this much this fast. When I was thirteen weeks with Cole I was already using the rubber band trick with my pants and popped very quickly after that. This time, at 12 weeks, I am almost the same size as I was when I was 20 weeks preggo with Cole. I cannot believe it! I feel huge already! Hopefully I will just hang out at this size for a while.

I would also like to mention that I have an AMAZING HUSBAND! He has helped me with Cole so much! He has taken over bath time, bed time and dinner time duty (not that he never did it before but I'm talking about every night for the past 6 weeks) and has even come home early from work when I just couldn't make it at home by myself any longer. He has been my rock and savior during this first trimester and I could not have made it with out him! I love you honey!

Other than the sickness and the cold I currently have, I do love being pregnant and love knowing there is a special life growing inside me. It is just the most amazing thing ever! I will post again at 16 weeks. Here's hoping I am not much bigger than this and that I feel much better!


The Pillsbury Family said...

You look great! I was so sick too - no fun! Still trying to find a time to come...looks like October is a possiblity?! I will let you know!

Christine said...

so exciting ... get ready for a roller coaster of fun.. It was tough to adjust with Faith and a prego belly (mine showed much earlier, but i carried totally different, too... have fun and cuddle with Cole as much as possible before #2 arrives :) You look fabulous