Letter of the Week - "A"

We got back into the swing of things this week with our letters. After poor effort, by me, for last weeks letter "E" we had so much more fun with the letter "A". I felt a little more inspired this week and found the letter "A" much easier to do than the letter "E"!

A is for
Apple, Airplane, Attitude, Ant
Astronaut, Arm, Ambulance, Alligator

We made homemade Applesauce! I got my baby crock pot out and let Cole put all the apples, cinnamon and sugar in himself. The house smelled amazing all day and it tasted so much better than store bought. I just might make our applesauce from scratch from now on! Click here for the super simple recipe.

Cole painted with different slices of Apples! He thought it was crazy.

We colored our Letter A worksheet and found stickers to go with it. For the first time Cole actually traced the letter and wrote his first "A"!

Then we did our Alligator craft and it turned out so cute! He was really proud of himself when he wrote another "A"! Cole went on an "A" hunt. This is usually his favorite part. He built an "A" and had a little bit of an Attitude while doing so. Cole ate a super fun lunch. He had homemade Applesauce, a Letter A sandwich, A crackers and Ants on a log. He drank Apple juice that had an ice cube shaped as the letter A in it and thought that was so neat!The only thing we didn't get to do was pretend we were Astronauts at the super cool Space Park. It was rainy and just too hot! We definitely will make the trip come fall.

I'd say we had a successful week and Cole spots "A's" everywhere we go now!

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The Pillsbury Family said...

"A" is my favorite letter! Lyric, where do you come up with all of this great stuff? Do you have a book? I think you missed your calling as a teacher! Always excited to see what ya'll are up to!