Just an Ordinary Day

Lately, I have come to truly appreciate ordinary days. Days when nothing happens that isn't part of our routine. Saturday was one of those days for me. We didn't do anything special. We just spent time together and had no particular plans so we could do whatever we wanted.
We decided to head to my prarents for some swimming and a picnic. They were at the lake so it was just our little family of three! We all swam, even Finn, and jumped into the pool a million times. We ate the lunches I packed outside and swam some more. It was so much fun!

It was a perfectly ordinary day!


the rodriguez crew said...

I just have to point out that Cole looks like SUCH a big boy in these pictures! It's funny b/c people have been saying it to me lately about Jagger (which I can't really see the difference overnight like everyone else can) ... but I DO see it in these pictures of Cole! So cute!

Dawna said...

Cole is getting SO big:)) He just looks like a little grown-up! Hope to see ya'll sometime soon! LOVE your blog.