Letter of the Week - "B"

I had a little virus last week so we didn't get to do everything I had planned for the letter "B". We had fun doing what we were able to do even if it was a lot of the normal stuff.

B is for
Boy, Bee, Bug, Beach Ball, Big, Bubbles, Balloon,
Bahama Bucks, Boat, Book, Bus, Blocks, Bucket, Basketball,
Bunny, Bear, Blue, Baseball, Bowl, Bone and Buzz

For BREAKFAST I made Cole cinnamon and sugar dog BONES that he ate out of his very own dog BOWL. He thought it was so funny and ate a ton of them!
We did our normal worksheet and letter craft. We played with BUBBLES outside.
Cole built the letter B We ate our B lunch. I collected things from around the house and put them in a BIG BUCKET and had Cole pull them all out, tell me what each one was and had him say it started with the letter B.
When I was in college, one of my favorite places in Lubbock was BAHAMA BUCKS. It is flavored shaved ice and is so superior to a snow cone it's not even funny. Well, the closest one to me is in Lewisville. It's too far away to go every week, but close enough that we can go every once in a while. Because of its name I thought B week was the perfect time to go and I was in heaven! Cole on the other hand wouldn't even take a bite.....but maybe when the one coming to Frisco opens and we can go every day he will warm up to them. Seriously though...you are going to want to check Bahama Bucks out!

And lastly, we took Cole to see BUZZ, aka Toy Story 3, on Friday night and it did not disappoint! It was the best Toy Story movie by far and Cole sat in his seat mesmerized the entire time. RT and I LOVED it too! Go see it!

{Since he has been watching World Cup games with his daddy, Cole will NOT take his soccer shoes off!}

Next up....the letter "D"!


miles3_17 said...

Very cute. I wish I was home more to do this with Kaden, I did it when I was on maternity leave, but now its just to hard. I can't wait to see Toy Story 3 either, it'll be Kaden's first time to the movie theatre!! Glad it was good.

Cathy said...

Very cute!

I am hosting a new blog collaboration called The Ultimate Alphabet Craft Collection. If you are interested, we would love it if you would link your Alphabet crafts to the collection!

Thanks so much,

Cathy @ The Attached Mama