Toy Story 3

Toy Story has become our new obsession lately so we knew we HAD to see the new movie as soon as it came out. Dare I say that Buzz and Woody are becoming more important to Cole than Lightning McQueen?!?! He definitely likes them way more than he ever liked Thomas but I never thought McQueen would loose his luster. We have already collected too many TS3 characters so seeing the movie opening day was a no brainer. We LOVED it! It is by far the best Toy Story movie! Cole sat in his seat the entire time and was so excited when he got home that he immediately ran to his "Buzz 'n Woo Wee" box to get his buddies out to play. The theatre was dark and I obviously didn't want my flash going off in the middle of the movie so here is Cole outside before it started. Yes, he is in his soccer shoes. Because of the World Cup he will not take them off. And here is is at home after the movie. Look at how excited he is! Too cute!

GO SEE TOY STORY 3 ASAP! You will not be disappointed!


Kim Knight Perez said...

OMG!!! Where did you get Cole's pirate shirt?? Jack would have a fit if he saw that!

Lyric said...

I got it at GAP. It is a skate boarding pirate with a peg leg. I thought it was so funny!