Saturday Family Fun Day!

Saturday we spent the whole day doing fun family things....just the 3 of us! We don't do this often enough. We are always doing something with friends or family. It was so fun and Cole was totally spoiled!

We started the day just like any other day...breakfast, play time, lunch and a nap and then the fun really began!

We dyed Easter eggs {actually, I did all the work while Cole and RT watched...Cole was completely uninterested}.
Then we headed to the movies. We took Cole to see How To Train Your Dragon. It was an excellent movie but a little scary for him. He jumped a few times and I took him to the lobby for the last 20 minutes of the movie while RT finished watching so he could tell me how it ended. I highly recommend the movie whether you have kids or not! Awesome!
Then we went to Gatti Town for dinner and games. He was a total champ at bowling and basketball. Those are really the only 2 games he played the whole time we were there.
And since we were already in the area we stopped for frozen custard! If you live in the area and you haven't been to Double Dip you must go!
The weather was perfect so we sat outside Double Dip and let Cole run off some of the sugar he just ate and he was cheesing it up for the camera. In both pictures he is posing and saying, "CHEEEESSSSSEEEEE!" Precious!

What a perfect day we had! I love my little man and husband so much!

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