Easter 2010

Easter 2010 was a pretty low-key day for the Muir family. The day began by Cole seeing what the Easter bunny left him. The Easter bunny was very good to him this year by giving him bathing suits, kites, sidewalk chalk, bubbles a super cool MAVS hat, a doctor kit and Frank from Cars. He also left Cole his very first Tricycle!

We played all morning and Cole tried to figure out how to pedal his new bike. We were unable to attend church this year because Cole has a cold and I knew they wouldn't allow his snotty nose in his classroom so we just celebrated from home. Cole decorated cupcakes and we played some more with his new toys!
We did get dressed up though and headed to my parents when church was over for a super yummy lunch followed my seeing what the Easter bunny left Cole at his Mimi K and Gramps' house.

The Easter bunny brought Cole two African Dwarf Frogs! Meet Buzz and Mars! Cole thought they were so cool and named them immediately! He would check on them throughout the day and just thought they are so neat. Our brood is growing...we've got our dog, Finn, our fish, Dan and now Buzz and Mars the frogs. I love it! Along with his frogs the Easter bunny left him some money, candy, a Cars track, Fillmore, Snot Rod and Axel from Cars, games to play outside and lots of other fun things!
Then it was outside to do some egg hunting. Cole loved this last year and he definitely loved it this year too! He is really goo at finding the eggs high and low!

After a good nap and awesome dinner Cole played one last time for the day with one of his new toys before heading home.

I'd say Easter 2010 was a success and we thank Jesus for everything he has done for us to allow us to have the wonderful life we live!

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Amanda Pillsbury said...

Lyric - I love your posts! Mike wants me to start a blog, but I may need some lessons from you!