What Has Cole Been Up To Lately?!?!

Since I stopped doing a monthly update on Cole when he turned 2 I feel like I haven't had the opportunity to just write about what he is up to on a regular basis. I feel like most of my posts are about something specific and not about the funny things he is doing or saying which I NEVER want to forget! So this post is dedicated solely to Cole and his everyday life at the age of 2 years, 4 months and 6 days.

Cole is still madly in love with Dinosaur Train. He watches it every day and cannot get enough. Because of the show he now roars like a dinosaur all the time. His favorite thing is to get right in your face, nose to nose, and look you square in the eye and let out a very big ROAR! So funny and so cute!

He is also totally into dancing. When the theme song to one of his shows comes on or if they sing a song during the show he HAS to dance along. I also HAVE to stop what I am doing and join him. He will not allow you to dance while you are sitting or dance wherever you are. You have to dance right beside him and I am more than happy to join him!

Cole has recently decided to pick up the basketball and shoot like a mad man again. He took a little break from shooting hoops for a while. I am happy to report he is back to being a shooting machine. He shoots baskets ALL.THE.TIME. I love that he loves it so much.

One of his new favorite activities is pouring. I will lay a beach towel on the kitchen tile and give him 3 plastic cups with a little bit of water in them and he goes to town. He will sit there for a long time pouring water from one cup to the next.

Cole's vocabulary has really picked up recently and he has started asking questions. He doesn't ask them once, he asks the same question over and over and over again and I give him the same answer every time until he decides he is satisfied with the answer. My favorite questions are:
"Whatcha doin mama?"
"What dat mama?"
"Where he is mama?"
He also says "Hi mama!" a million times in a row or "Bye mama!" a million times in a row. His answer is always "NO" before you even finish the question and then sometimes he will say "NO, okay" in the same breath once he realizes he really does want what you are asking. He just has the cutest little voice which is great because he never stops talking!

Cole was weighed when we went to the doctor when he was sick a couple of weeks ago...anybody want to take a guess?!?! Well, he weight 33 lbs. at his two year check-up in November....he now weighs 36.4 lbs.!!!!! What a chunky monkey! I do think he lost a pound or two while he was sick because some of his pants are a little looser now so he is probably closer to 34 or 35 lbs which isn't too bad...right?

He is STILL a super picky eater and only eats a handful of things. I am hoping he will outgrow this phase in the very near future. He can't live on bread, cheese, milk, pancakes, crackers and teddy grahams forever!

Finally, Cole really loves his fish, Dan. He wants to watch him swim and feed him all the time. He helps me clean his bowl and give him his food and then he just looks at Dan and talks to him while he swims around. I am so glad we brought Dan into our family.

Well, I guess that is all for now. I am sure I will think of more and add them later. I will finish by saying I love Cole so much I can't stand it. He is just the greatest thing in the whole wide world!

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