Meet the Newest Member of the Muir Family

This is DAN!

After a month of being sick off and on RT and I decided Cole needed a little morale boost and since he LOVES all animals and "Momo" {Finding Nemo} we thought a Betta fish would do the trick. A nice, low-maintenance pet was just what the doctor ordered. We also thought it would be a great way to teach him about responsibility because he is going to have to feed him and help keep his fish bowl clean! So yesterday we headed to the pet store and picked out our new family member. We brought him home and introduced him to his new, much larger, bowl and we watched him, fed him and asked Cole what his name should be. I was fully expecting him to say "Fish" because that is what he is {he calls our dog "dog" and not by his name, Finn}. Instead he said something that sounded really close to Dan so Dan it was! Now he wants everyone to "wook" at Dan...his stuffed animals, the dog...everyone! The first thing he wanted to do this morning was feed Dan and "wook" at him. We love Dan!

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