Letter of the Week - "O"

Since we have been stuck indoors all week with bronchitis I thought it would be a perfect time to learn about the letter "O". We pretty much did the exact same activities that we did last week with the letter "C" so I didn't get too creative. Here is how it went:
"O" is for Octopus, Overalls, Owl, Olive
Oval, Ostrich, Otter,
Oxen and Orange

We started the day off by listening to our "O" song on our alphabet CD. The song is called "Octopus Stew".
Then I sent Cole on an "O" hunt. He has wanted to hunt for letters everyday so I know he loves this part. Then we colored and added stickers to his "O" worksheet and we did his "O" project. We "ate" our Letter "O" Lunch took a nap and went to the doctor. The next day we read our Octopus Stew book and built upper and lowercase "O's".I'd say it was a successful week considering how bad we have felt. Next up...the letter "L"!

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Kenra said...

Hi! I have no idea how I ran across your blog but it is AMAZING!! I LOVE all of your ideas with the letter of the week! How do you get those ideas... a website or are you just that good? I'm a mom of a 31/2 year old girl and 1 year old boy and am definitely going to use your ideas! Again... this is awesome!