Celebrating 30 Years!

Last Saturday we celebrated RT turning 30 {his actual birthday is the 19th} by having a Craw Fish Boil! Craw fish are his absolute favorite food on the face of the earth so I knew a craw fish boil was in order. He said the party was perfect! Yay! My parents were gracious enough to let us have the party at their house so we would have enough space outside to cook, eat, drink and play. I was praying for perfect weather and that is exactly what we got. It could not have been nicer. If only the winds would have died down just a notch I would have been able to decorate the backyard like I had planned. The good thing is RT didn't care if the balloons and streamers were up. As long as he had beer and craw fish he was a happy camper! It was a wonderful afternoon. His friends and family came to celebrate. We ate, drank and played washers and Beirut all day long. It was a perfect day for the perfect husband and father!

I made these posters and put pictures on them that represented different stages of his 30 years. There were pictures of him has a baby, some from soccer growing up, high school, college, post college, our wedding, Cole's birth, his first Father's Day, etc.
I made food for the non-craw fish eating guests like myself....hey we gotta eat too right?! I made shredded BBQ beef with rolls, lemon pasta salad, black bean salsa, seven layer dip, fruit salad and a veggie platter. I also made sangria and had sweet tea to drink. It was all so yummy! {you can get the recipe for the shredded beef and pasta salad on my recipe blog}
One of RT's best friends, Dylan, came in town from Louisiana to cook the craw fish for us! He is the craw fish master and would not have missed the party! So nice! {the poor little guy in the picture on the left has no idea he is getting ready to look like the picture on the right

He received lots of cards, presents and gift cards from family and friends. He received a six pack of beer for each decade and every beer was different from his aunt and uncle and from Jeff and Jessica he got bullets {the boys are going hunting in a couple of weekends} and sweatbands to wear during the Beirut game they played later in the evening {they take it very seriously, ha!}

The guys: Dylan, RT, Jeff and Chris {aka Sugar}

RT and Sugar
Daddy and ColeTaste testing!

Eatin' Time!

After the first round of craw fish were consumed it was time to sing and make a wish. Cake time! I LOVE how his cake turned out. I didn't really go with a theme for his party. He isn't a theme kind of guy so I just went with a 30 "theme" with an 80's color scheme of neon colors. The cake turned out perfectly and exactly as I envisioned it! I ordered it from the Cake Stand in downtown McKinney. We get all of our cakes from there and not only do they look amazing every time they also taste amazing too!

We ended the night with a "friendly" game of Beirut! My dad even joined in on the fun and did really well!

Silly Boys!

I think it was a successful party. I wasn't fancy but exactly what the birthday boy wanted! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY honey!


the rodriguez crew said...

the headbands and crazy legstrap beer holder thingy are the best parts!!! great party!!

Jessica said...

You did such a great job planning a fun party. We had a really great time. Love the picture of the guys in their headbands and sweatbands.