SNOW on the 2nd Day of Spring!

Soooo...on Friday we were all wearing short sleeves and flip-flops and Sunday we woke up to 5 1/2 inches of snow, on the second day of spring, in Texas! CRAZY is the only word to describe Texas weather! Even though I was loving the 70 degree temps I was still giddy over the snow. I took pictures before everyone else was out of bed, we ate breakfast and went outside to play. Because we were all sick the last time it snowed this much we didn't get to play in it. I wanted to make a snowman this time and I wanted Cole to help us. Well, things with a 2 year old never go as planned and I have come to the conclusion that Cole is a warm weather child. He HATES the snow and cold temps. Who can blame him really?!?! So this is how our morning looked:

Cole says "Get me outta here!" "Bring me the sunshine and swimming pool...NOW!"

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