The BIG 3-0

Yesterday RT turned the BIG 3-0! He has done a lot in the last 30 years. He was born {duh}. 18 months later he was blessed with a baby sister. He played soccer. Moved to Dallas when he was 10. Played club soccer. Attended Newman Smith High school. Played soccer. Graduated. Attended and played soccer for Trinity University in San Antonio. Made best friends for life. Partied. Graduated in 2002. Was an accountant at a CPA firm. Was a bachelor. Played indoor soccer. Met me on a blind date on January 31, 2004. We were engaged 6 months later. Changed jobs and became a software engineer. Tore his ACL playing soccer. Received an MBA from the University of Texas, Dallas. We traveled. Married me in July 2005. He was a groomsman or usher in countless weddings. He became a father on November 9, 2007. We have been happily married for almost 5 years and I can't wait to see what is in store for him in the next 30 years.
To celebrate the big day we opened cards, sang Happy Birthday and helped daddy blow out the candles in his cinnamon roll breakfast. Then it was off to work {BOOOO!}
For dinner he wanted craw fish and beer. So my parents kept Cole and we went to Razzoo's.
I also told him we could see any movie he wanted {I usually don't like to go to the movies and when I do go it is because there is a chick-flick I want to see}. He picked Green Zone. It was a good movie but VERY political {anti-Bush} so beware.
After the movie was over he thought we were picking up Cole and going home. Well, I had a surprise for him. I didn't want to just go to dinner and a movie on such a big birthday because if we have a date night that is usually what we do. So I thought an adult night, no kiddo aloud so we could do whatever we wanted and sleep in as long as possible would be fun. So, we stayed here:and ate yummy cookie cake!
We had so much fun and we slept in until almost 9:00! We slowly got up and got ready for the day and then had brunch at the Original Pancake House before picking up Cole from my parents. He got presents from my parents which officially made his birthday an 8 day celebration from the craw fish boil we had the weekend before until now! And he deserves it! Happy birthday to my better half! I can't wait to celebrate your next 30 birthdays with you!

P.S. While we were gone, Mimi K and Gramps took Cole to Ghatti Town where he devoured pizza, played games and bowled! Ghatti Town was followed by a trip to Double Dip for frozen custard where he said "MMMM, dis GOOD!!!" after every.single.bite making my parents and everyone else around them laugh and giggle.....yeah, he didn't miss us at all.

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RL said...

ha ha - Cole is such a neglected child.

looks like you planned a really fun time for R.T.! glad you guys got a fun night out (: