"A child reminds us that playtime is an essential
part of our daily routine."
- Anonymous
Sometimes I forget to play with Cole. I need to be better about letting other things go and just play. I often sit down to play and then think of 3 other things I wanted to accomplish and don't actually spend the quality time that he needs. I know that I cannot spend all day every day playing and that I do have other responsibilities but I do think I could do a better job of balancing work and play.

So last night while Cole was in the tub I decided to organize the cabinet under his bathroom sink and I found his color tablets for his bath water. I realized it had been over a year since we had made his bath water a fun color and knew I had to do it. He loved it and played for a long time! I also realized it had been forever since I had taken bathtub pics so I got my camera out and snapped away.

I love him so much! Those cheeks, eyelashes and that smile get me every time I look at him. He is perfection to me!


Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

I agree w/ you completely. I'm guilty of doing the same thing or i get distracted or start unloading the dishwasher etc etc etc.

shauna said...

I agree too...he is PERFECT, of course!!!! I LOVE YOU..COLE!!! Your MiMi K