We Love Coach Hill

Our friend Chris Hill {aka Sugar} is the head basketball coach for Jesuit here in Dallas and we attended 2 of his games last week. The first game we went to was Jesuit vs McKinney Boyd at McKinney Boyd which is pretty much in our own backyard. If we stay in the area we live in right now this is the high school Cole will attend. Anyway, the game was Tuesday night and we decided to surprise Sugar and take Cole to his first high school basketball game. We knew Cole would love it and he did! He loved being so close to the action and running around on the court after the game and the best part was Jesuit won!Then Friday night we dropped Cole off at my in laws and met our friends Jeff and Jessica for dinner before heading to watch Jesuit play my almamater, Plano Senior High school, at Jesuit. We sat right behind the Jesuit bench and it was so fun watching Coach Hill interact with his players. You can tell they have a mutual respect for each other and that he is a great coach. Jesuit beat us but that's ok because we LOVE Coach Hill!

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