Saursaur - A New OBSESSION

Oh. My. Word. To say Cole is obsessed with this show is a major understatement! I stumbled upon it while looking for something for him to watch besides Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einsteins. Don't get me wrong he still loves both shows I just felt that he ,er I, was getting a little burned out on them. Well, he saw the first 2 minutes of Dinosaur Train and absolutely cannot get enough. He comes up to me a million times a day and says, "Saursaurs?" meaning he wants me to turn it on. The show is on PBS and is super educational and super cute. He is learning all about dinosaurs, their names, what they eat, what era they lived in, their anatomy and on and on. It comes on weekdays between Super Why and Sesame Street neither of which he was a fan but man those dinosaurs got him.

On a side note related to this, Cole threw the biggest fit of his life because of this show. Saturday night he had been going back and forth between playing with his trains and watching Dinosaur Train. He did not take a nap that day and by 7:30 he just couldn't handle anything any longer. We put his jammies on, got him a cup of milk and headed to his room to put him to bed. Daddy gave him hugs and kisses and told him night -night and then Cole asked to watch Saursaurs. We told him no and that it was time to go to sleep and he lost it. I am talking LOST IT with a capital L. He was kicking, screaming, headbutting, crying, throwing books and blankets, hitting the wall etc. I literally had to pin him down, rock and sing to him before he finally calmed down 30 minutes later. It was unbelievable! Part of it was exhaustion and part of it was he was ticked! He has never thrown a fit of this magnitude before. Once he finally calmed down we read our books and he finally went to sleep. It took an hour and 15 minutes to calm him down and put him to bed. The next morning I went into his room to get him and guess what the first word out of his mouth was..."Saursaurs?" I let him watch it.

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