I Could Just Pinch Those Cheeks!

After Cole came up to me and told me he had gone #2 in his diaper, I was inspired and thought this might be the beginning of the end of diapers for him. We went to target the next day and bought Cole his first package of big boy underwear and a seat for the potty. I am not crazy and completely know this is going to take some time but I thought we would at least introduce him to the potty and to what it would be like to not have to wear a yucky diaper anymore. He doesn't love the potty but he isn't terrified either. He hasn't actually done anything while sitting on it, I am just trying to get him prepared and used to it. He was actually least impressed with the underwear at first but finally got used to it. The first time I put them on him he wore them for about 30 minutes and did not have an accident. The second time I put them on him he peed within the first 10 minutes. I have been stressing about potty training since the day he was born. I think it is going to be my least favorite thing about raising a child. Maybe he will surprise me though and make it a breeze...we shall see. Until then....don't you just want to pinch those cheeks!

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